Box  of  25  Plain  Cones...Box of 25 Plain Cones...
For Medium Jobs

Box of 25 Plain Cones... boxof25plco$123.75
Box of 25 Striped ConesBox of 25 Striped Cones
for Medium Jobs

Box of 25 Striped Cones boxof25stco$148.75
Box of 50 Plain ConesBox of 50 Plain Cones
For Big Jobs

Box of 50 Plain Cones boxof50plco$247.50
Box of 50 Striped ConesBox of 50 Striped Cones
For Medium Jobs

Box of 50 Striped Cones boxof50stco$297.50


The disposable traffic cone is an inexpensive and professional looking barricade that is Biodegradable. Made of thick coated industrial paper. It looks like a expensive rubber traffic cone, it works like a expensive rubber traffic cone, but it does not cost like an expensive rubber traffic cone. There are many construction applications where it is better not to use a $24.00 rubber traffic cones, but rather an inexpensive $4.95 disposable traffic cone. For example: they work great in hight crime construction areas. They are great for leaving on site, to convey caution while you drive hundreds of miles away. They are great barricades for wet concrete or paint.

What is the disposable cone made of: to the eye you cannot tell the difference from a disposable cone and a rubber traffic cone. The bright fluorescent safety orange color is far brighter than most rubber traffic cones. The disposable traffic cone is a testimony to the power of paper. There is a whole new world of industrial paper products, and the disposable traffic cone is a fine example. Manufactured to be both biodegradable and water resistant. The weatherproof form of the Disposable cone can be tailored to your needs. Paper is also a great printing medium for advertising your logo's. Your disposable traffic cone can be custom printed for a small additional cost.

When you have to leave but your cones have to stay...make sure it's a cost effective disposable traffic cone!

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